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running skirt quick review

I apologize for the graphic nature of the following post. Hopefully it will help someone who is considering the merits of the run skirt. Or it will make someone laugh. I’m good with both options. Also, I am writing this … Continue reading

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week eight update

Run: This is the sport I am most excited about! As I’ve detailed in past posts, I’ve struggled to become a runner with little success until now. At the beginning of tri training, my progress felt excrutiatingly slow, but I … Continue reading

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exercise makes you smarter!

Improves memory! Read all about it here: How Exercise Could Lead to a Better Brain

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+/- motivation

I wanted to call this post </motivation>, but wordpress apparently doesn’t recognize html humor. This past week was a mixed bag. How do I feel so excited and so worn out simultaneously? My younger brother, Jonathan, is a true athlete. He … Continue reading

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with a little help from my friends

“Running is not about vanity, it is about being part of a community and being good to oneself.” Or so says Andre’ Picard, in his article about the sensationalizing of marathon-related deaths. A couple months ago, which weirdly seems like a … Continue reading

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money / it’s a crime

“No one ever told me how expensive this would be.” -Summer, pondering her need for a bike rack after purchasing a fantastic Orbea road bike at Victory. When I agreed to train for the tri, on something of a whim, … Continue reading

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I used RunKeeper for the first time last night for the Opening Eyes to Autism 5k. As soon as we finished the race I had an email pronouncing, “RunKeeper Fitness Alert–New personal record for running.” It’s nice to know that … Continue reading

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