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I am feeling sorry for myself. This may or may not have resulted in me eating seven servings of Honey Nut Chex Mix for lunch yesterday, having sangria for dinner the night before, telling myself I’m fat while looking at … Continue reading

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a triathlete is born: MIM Sprint 2012 conquered

These couple days following the event have been a bit surreal. I worked so hard and built up so much anticipation, the aftermath feels a little flat. I knew I could do it, and I did. Following is a fairly … Continue reading

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my rock

Tomorrow. Tomorrow at this time, 8.08am, I will be watching the first 250 or so racers to file into the water, 3 seconds at a time. My age group starts right in the middle; my guess is that I’ll be … Continue reading

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my parents, my heroes

Y’all, my dad has WON a triathlon. Placed first in his age group. Where was I when that was going on? Probably being a self-absorbed teenager who didn’t know her ass from, well, you know. He can’t remember which year, … Continue reading

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That was my 400 meter swim time today. Perhaps the key phrase for calm confidence week is HELLZ YEZ. Feeling extremely confident about beating my 15 minute goal time for the tri. Still a little freaked about the waves and … Continue reading

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let’s do this one more time

Yesterday’s “easy three miles” of running was more like 3.5 miles. I had that rock-like feeling in my calves and shooting up my right leg for most of it, to the point I felt like I was limp-running at times. … Continue reading

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calm confidence week

12:09 That was my swim time for 400 meters without stopping tonight in the swim clinic! I have set a loose goal that I would like to finish the swim in 15 minutes. That may seem protracted, but I have … Continue reading

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