lucky number five (5)

Generally speaking I am not a superstitious person, but I am having a bit of fun developing race rituals. As I get ready for the Annie Oakley Sprint Triathlon happening tomorrow morning (!), I’m reaching for a lot of the same foods, energy gels, etc, that I used for MIM. I’m definitely having pizza and one beer tonight for my carbs. I’ll repeat my MIM breakfast in the morning, too. I don’t know, it just feels comfortable.

On the other hand, I’m switching up my socks and shoes, which probably seems superstitious since I got the fracture last time. I don’t feel that’s my primary reason, but maybe I’m just hesitant to admit that I believe in bad juju after all.

Either way, I’m kind of in love with my race number, and if there are signs, then this is a good one. Five isn’t my lucky number or anything. I don’t believe in luck. But I do have the number five tattooed on my body, and am generally obsessed with it.

So, GO 255, GO ME!

I’m not just trying to get through it this time; I’m racing!


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