I used RunKeeper for the first time last night for the Opening Eyes to Autism 5k. As soon as we finished the race I had an email pronouncing, “RunKeeper Fitness Alert–New personal record for running.” It’s nice to know that my new app is so supportive, seeing as how the PR was for the “farthest distance,” i.e. the first, ever logged with the app. But here’s what really happened:

A goal was 33:00, B goal was 35:00. And my overall goal was not to walk. Ever.

I’ve completed a handful of 5ks over the years, and I’ve run/walked every single one. When I was in my best running shape, a little over two years ago, I didn’t register for any races for some reason. So now, even with that crazy-ass hill starting at Riverside and Beale, I was determined not to walk. My running and general fitness history is littered with inconsistency, and for my first race since dedicated training, it was important to me to remain consistent.

First, I must say this did not feel like my best run this week (Tuesday); however, I was only 22 seconds from my A goal at 33:22, with an average pace of 10:45 per mile. Considering I have been doing most of my runs at a +/- 12 minute/mile pace, and that six weeks ago when I started the pace was well over 13 minutes per mile, I’m pretty pleased with myself.

I had a stitch in my side around the .5 mile mark, which is super unusual. Maybe I started a leeetle too fast? Perhaps I shouldn’t have had a beer four hours before the race? Or maybe I had too much water on my stomach? Honestly, I probably would have met my A goal if I had walked for a bit to deal with the stitch or to climb a steep hill faster, but I prioritized consistency.

I did NOT walk one single time 🙂 I’m even allowing myself an emoticon for that. That hill on Beale around the three mile mark was killer. I was barely moving forward but I did not break running form. Karen was super helpful around this point and reminded me I could still make my goal.  She, Anna, Summer, and I began together and spread out after about a mile. It was nice to have friends nearby!

Finally, I placed 23rd out of 80 people in my age group. And you know what, I’LL TAKE THAT.

So, I’m still asking myself, was this a personal record? And as I recount the triumphs over the hiccups, I’m going to say I agree with RunKeeper. Yes, yes it was.

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