swim clinic starts tonight!

I’m starting a six-week swim clinic tonight, taught by the swimming coach at Rhodes College. Most of our tri training group is doing the clinic and I’m getting nervous about being in a big group to work on my weakest sport.

I’ve been swimming with a super crappy nose clip:

It slips off when applied the right way, so I’ve been wearing it upside-down. Bull-style!

Illustration of this positioning by Rachel Dratch.  In fact, this Sync or Swim blog features several celebrities wearing nose clips.

It gets worse. When I first started with the nose clip it was so slippery I decided it must be worn inside the nose. So I put that dang thing inside my nostrils! I just had no idea. Summer kindly (ok, she was totally laughing at me) pointed out that the clip is affixed to the outside of the nose. I can’t imagine what the others at the UT pool must have thought when they saw me with a blue piece of plastic up my snout.

All that to say, I’ve become rather embarrassed of the nose clip. I’m not sure if they are viewed like training wheels, or if experienced swimmers wear them, too. Although, the nose clip really helps me. A lot. At first, I needed the possibility of inhaling water removed from the equation. And  now it’s become a psychological crutch. I bought a better nose clip over the weekend:

But it’s still pretty tight and I don’t know if I will be able to wear it without pain.

Let’s go ahead and address the general body image/bathing suit factor. Competitive swim clothes aren’t sexy on anyone, but I still have some first day of school butterflies about being with a bunch of athletes in my bathing suit.

So far we’ve got embarrassing crutch of nose clip, massive skin exposure, and performance anxiety. Hmmmm. This is seeming like less and less of a good idea.

On a positive note, this morning I registered for the Opening Eyes to Autism 5k that takes place this Friday night in downtown Memphis. I’m supporting a worthy cause and have an exercise-centric social activity for my Friday night. And I’m actually looking forward to it! Big step in the right direction.

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