if wishes were horses, part 1

My thought for the day is that if an underwater music option was available, I might be a better swimmer. Perhaps there is such a thing, and I’m just guessing here, but I probably couldn’t afford it.

A quick google search yielded the Speedo Aquabeat Waterproof MP3 Player (seems like there should be a comma in there somewhere), amid many other makes and models of waterproof MP3 players. This one is 100-ish dollars, and the newer model is 150. Reviews suggest that purchasing additional waterproof headphones is not a bad idea, so that would be an extra $15-50.

Point being, there’s a lot of stuff I would like for a smoother, more pleasurable workout experience, but I am out of money! I considered competing in the Los Locos Duathlon this weekend (WHO AM I???) to get some practice in multi-sport races. When I evaluated my bank account I was forced to forgo. I can’t justify a last-minute race entry fee at the end of a pay period.

A brief update on my swim clinic experience: it was kind of terrible. Out of several reasons, the most significant is that I panicked in a big group of people, in an unexpectedly outdoor pool with an intense deep end. In an effort to avoid constant negativity, I will not detail my experience. I am grateful for the class and expect things to go better today, but still feel some dread waiting for 5.30 to arrive. As is my special skill, I was beating myself up about the class but got an awesome pep talk from Howell in person, and from Star via email, and that went a long way. I plan to spend a few minutes meditating (my fancy name for basic relaxation/breathing exercises) between work and class. Hopefully that will help me stay calm today.

Oh and BEE TEE DOUBLE YOU, my run yesterday was awesome. So there. I still want a Garmin multi-sport watch and smaller MP3 player option because I am chafing on my upper arm from dragging around my iPhone in an old-ass armband. Mo’ sports, mo’ problems, mo’ money needed. And I just don’t have an unlimited supply. In the meantime, some carefully applied chamois butter reduces the rubbing, and I’m working with what I’ve got.

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