Forth week with an injury. Checking out Cole Pain Therapy Group yielded much better results than the original nurse practitioner/GP route. I’m taped up, icing up, have exercises to do, and the doctor actually really talked to me and listened and explained things! Whoa. Unfortunately part of my instructions are complete rest until we know more. Current diagnosis is an ankle sprain with muscle tension, and something about my bones being too tight or something? It all makes sense when he says it, but then I have a hard time retelling it without sounding silly. If I understand correctly, there’s no swimming, biking, or running for the next two weeks, until we can see that there’s significant improvement and completely rule out a stress fracture.

My brother told me that being injured is part of competing, and it’s one way to know if you’re training hard enough. Not sure what I think about that.

I miss being active. I’m higher strung and worry more. Not being able to run is like not being about to hang out with a favorite friend. But at least I’m past the point of feeling sorry for myself, and I’ve accepted that this is what’s happening now.

I’m catching up on my magazines and getting a little more social time. I got to go cheer my fellow  Star Runners at the DragonFly Tri! They knocked my socks off.  So determined and calm.

Here’s what’s next, that I really hope I don’t miss:

LuvMud Island, a muddy obstacle course 5k to benefit Habitat for Hope. I’ll be (hopefullyfingerscrossed) doing it with a team of three. The current plan is to all dress as male Chippendales, ala Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze in this SNL sketch:

I feel that’s very topical with the upcoming release of Magic Mike.

Next triathlon is Mighty Mite (hopefullyfingerscrossedpleasegetbettersoonankle), at one of my favorite places to swim and camp, Village Creek State Park. The swim is 1/3rd of a mile in open water, very deep. Thirteen mile challenging bike with some rolling hills. Really going to have to practice my downhills to get ready! Finishing up is a three mile run ending in town square. It’s a point-to-point triathlon, which will be a fun challenge.

Y’all wish me luck and a speedy recovery!

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