my rock

Tomorrow. Tomorrow at this time, 8.08am, I will be watching the first 250 or so racers to file into the water, 3 seconds at a time. My age group starts right in the middle; my guess is that I’ll be in the water by 8.20am at the latest.

I am truly excited and most of my nerves peaked a couple days ago. I hope!

This has been a pretty amazing first leg to a new adventure for me. (What can I say? Anticipation makes me really cheesy.) And I have had an overwhelming amount of support from friends, family, teammates, coach, and most of all, my partner. Howell listens every day to my workout rundowns and my fears. He’s dragged me on bike rides when I just wanted to lie in bed. And he has forced me to practice changing a flat when I completely resisted. Howell has never asked me to skip a workout or encouraged me to do anything that would hurt my training. He has shown the utmost support and respect for me and my wild decision to take on a triathlon from an almost non-existent fitness level.

Last night, before my last training ride, Howell changed my tire for me, and then he changed it again, twice, after the ride (long story). He’s bringing mine and Summer’s bikes up to transition tomorrow morning so we don’t have to deal with them tonight. I really could not be doing this without his support, and I’ll be so glad to know that he is nearby during the race.

Years before Howell joined the Bosco’s cycling team, he peddled on his own. On a trainer, outside, you name it. He is an incredible self-starter whereas I really need a group or peer encouragement. He is patient with me but doesn’t put up with too much of my shit. He has been tolerant of a rigorous training schedule. I’m a lucky, lucky girl.

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