my parents, my heroes

Y’all, my dad has WON a triathlon. Placed first in his age group. Where was I when that was going on? Probably being a self-absorbed teenager who didn’t know her ass from, well, you know. He can’t remember which year, but he did indeed win his age group in the Wolfpack Off-Road Triathlon. When he told me this today on the phone, I kept questioning him. “You did the swim, too?” “It was a triathlon and not a duathlon?” Yes and yes.


Two years ago, my mom rode 1000 miles over the course of the summer via the Ride: Well Bike Tour to raise money for the Blood Water Mission to bring clean water to African countries. One thousand miles. One thousand miles so people could have water to live.


Not to mention all of my brother’s success with cycling and his recent win.

Look at my family and how amazing they are. I think I’ve got this. Bring it, Memphis in May.

(an older pic, but you get the point 🙂 )

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