calm confidence week


That was my swim time for 400 meters without stopping tonight in the swim clinic! I have set a loose goal that I would like to finish the swim in 15 minutes. That may seem protracted, but I have never swam for distance or time in open water before, and I expect myself to take a big longer adjusting to the waves, keeping myself calm, and perhaps swimming a little out of the way a time or two while getting used to sighting. Sighting is simply looking up and having a landmark  or point to keep you on course. One more thing I am accounting for with the additional time is that we are able to stop and/or push off the sides of the pool, but there will be no such thing in the golf course lake!

While counting down the days (five more wake-ups) to compete in my very first triathlon, I’m doing all I can to focus on the good and how ready I am. I just thought of the name “calm confidence week,” but I like it a lot. Many pros say the key to competing in such events is to stay relaxed. May I just say that this is not my forte’? I’m still gonna do my darndest and part of that is shutting down the very vocal, critical voice inside my head. So for each workout this week, I’m going to remind myself in writing that I’m doing a good job. Self praise is another weak point for me. I am so good at tearing myself up! But I know this is not healthy, and fretting never helped anyone succeed.

I’ve struggled with swimming for the entirety of the training, but in honor of calm confidence week, I am reminding myself of my progress. Good lord, I have come a looonnnnggg way. Twelve weeks ago I could not swim a lap and had no real idea of how to freestyle. Now I’m swimming a quarter-mile in 12 minutes. HELL YES.

Let calm confidence week continue!

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One Response to calm confidence week

  1. Diana says:

    I am so proud of and excited for you! I really admire your perseverance and grit, and I can’t wait to see you kick that finish line’s ass!

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