my brother, the hero

My little brother is six foot four, making him more like my big-little brother. He’s four and a half years younger than I am. Faster, stronger, smarter than I am (although he might argue about the smarter thing). In short, he’s amazing. And he won the Tiger Lane Crit Race in the Cat 1, 2, 3 division this week.

Of course, Jonathan had a lot of family support:

My dad and Howell in the middle. And,

Jonathan sprinting for the first-place finish with an extremely loud sister cheering him on in the background left. I seriously couldn’t talk for a minute after that. Thought I might’ve blown out my vocal cords! Here’s a close-up, just for fun:

Take a look at that tenacity on both of our faces!

My race, my first triathlon, the Memphis in May Sprint, is THIS SATURDAY, six short days away. As I round out my training this week and work on my mindset for this huge challenge, there are a few things I’ve chosen to focus on. As I watched my brother grow up, I believed he got the better genes. He is tan and lithe and grows muscle like most people grow fingernails. But I left that envy behind a long time ago, preferring, as an adult, to be proud of him, rather than sorry for myself. And now I’m taking one step further.

We both got the good genes. The Korzekwa blood runs through my veins.  And if my brother can dominate a bicycle race like that, then I can certainly take on a triathlon.

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3 Responses to my brother, the hero

  1. Karen says:

    Love it!

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