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Since my last blog project was a style blog, I am not surprised at all that I have become completely fixated on training clothes, and especially my “outfit” for the actual tri. I’ll continue referring to it as an outfit, because I find that hilarious. The proper term is probably “suit.”

I ended up right where I started, with Sugoi products shoulder to knee. When the tri group began, the first event I attended was an informational meeting at Victory to get the deets and preview some products. We had the option of trying on a bunch of Sugoi tri wear, but I held off. Then I made two more trips to try things on, all the while scrutinizing internet sites and reading reviews on a bunch of other brands. The first decision I made was to go with a two-piece outfit instead of a one-piece. I wanted items I could use at other times, and it seemed I’d be less self-conscious than if I was basically wearing a leotard. I am not knocking the leotard! It’s all about what will be comfortable to you. There is a lot of value in a one-piece, as that baby ain’t going nowhere! No worries about things rolling up or slipping down. You are aero- and aqua- dynamic and ready to go.

That said, I am pretty happy with my two separate pieces. Thus far, I believe they are right for me, especially after the tri “dress rehearsal” this weekend. (More on that later.)

Without further ado, in the shoulder to hip region:

The RSR Tank in black. I spent more time sweating the top than anything. Upon first examination, the top was too long. I’m too pear shaped for anything tunic-length, and probably have an unreasonable fear of tops rolling up and exposing my stomach. On the second try, several weeks into training, I’d toned up some and the top fit better, but I wasn’t ready to settle. I checked out a Pearl Izumi top, but it was a bit too short, and I was certain to have the dreaded navel exposure at some point or another. So, with the rehearsal a few days away, and no time to order online, I went with the RSR. Turns out, I love it!

Look at that back key-hole opening. Too cute! Even more importantly, it’s snug in all the right places but stretchy enough to be comfortable. The built in bra is incredibly supportive and well-constructed. And when I put the top on with my shorts, it stayed put just above my hips. Phwew!

Speaking of shorts, from the waist to knee region:

These are actually the men’s RS Tri Short. It’s got a 7.5 inch inseam, which is a kind length to voluminous thighs. These are just fine for function but not incredibly flattering. When I buy another pair, I’ll chose something that has a wider waistband, which is usually more flattering AND comfortable. These shorts are also basically see-through, which is a little weird and takes some getting used to. I guess the benefit is that they are super quick-drying.

Both pieces are great in the water, great on the bike, and great on the run. The top is so flattering I kind of want to wear it all the time! One downside is that the oval, Sugoi logo is already coming off the shorts. A final upside is that more than half the women on our team are wearing these same two pieces. Solidarity! In clothing!

This video also extols the virtues of each piece:

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