time management

Wherein I complain about how much time it takes to train for a triathlon. And make jokes about how it’s cutting into my tv time.


I desperately love watching both good and bad television shows. We have a super cable package with all the sports and all the movies. I love to read, too, but there’s just something about having a mindless activity to blob out to in the evening when I’m really drained. My partner and I both have cerebral jobs, and tv is a welcome refuge.

An aside: that is not to say I was a total couch potato before I started training. I am fond of activity, as well. Camping, canoeing, awkward team sports. I love it all. TV just might rank higher on some days, depending on how spent I am from work.

Now that I am working out 8+ times per week, I am not watching much tv. Nor am I making dinner for my partner. Or cleaning my house. Laundry only becomes a priority because I will run out of work-out clothes. A benefit of this time suckage may be that I’m less enslaved to my usually rigorous social calendar. But then, where do I fit everyone I love?

For example:

Yesterday, post full-time work day, I did my 1300 meter swim workout, which got me home at close to 7pm. Howell had encouraged me to cook (he cooks for me nearly daily), so I lamely baked some chicken thighs,  miraculously undercooking and burning them simultaneously. I was already cranky from a not-so-stellar swim and poor H kept referring to me as “angerball.” Not the first time I’ve heard this nickname from him, which is strangely endearing, but I knew I deserved it. After throwing out the chicken and having a defeated meal of cereal, 9ish was feeling like my bedtime. Bolstered by some extremely tart grapefruit gelato, I made it through two episodes of Californication with my eyelids drooping only occasionally. I did have a relatively leisurely morning getting ready for the work week, but I ask you: where is the “me time” in that day? Or the time for my loved ones? I feel lucky I had the time to send an email to a friend and give Howell a  hug.

Today on the schedule there is a run, a bike, and a bike maintenance class! The maintenance class is a one time thing and I am super grateful for it. I had a very positive three mile run this morning. But the bike ride may have to wait until tomorrow and I’ll fit it into my hump day along with a swim.

All that to say, I miss the uninterrupted hours I used to have for watching episode after episode of tv on dvd. Or for porch drinks. I realize this is whiney, but it’s worth mentioning that it’s hard to fit this stuff in, and ultimately pays off. I make more definitive decisions about how I spend my time, and this has really reduced the frantic feeling I often get trying to meet too many obligations.  Saying “no” more often is not a bad thing. Preserving time to sleep or ensuring I never skip a meal reduces my overall stress and tension levels. When you have those 8+ workouts per week, you can’t skip out on basic self care. And that I love about tri training.

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One Response to time management

  1. Anna says:

    I think it helps to think of workout time as “me” time. In some ways it really is: it’s quiet time that allows you to think, relax into something methodical, and leave feeling energized.

    But with that being said, working out twice a day is probably not the healthy lifestyle you’ll sustain forever. Once you’re tri ready, working out like say, 6 times a week may be just fine:)

    oh also, working out with friends is a crafty way to marry tri training and loved ones!

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