and boy are my legs tired!

Yesterday was a double workout day. Five mile run in the morning, cycling trainer class in the evening. I dreaded the training class going into it. Years ago I had a terrible experience at a spinning class and have a mild wave of PTSD symptoms whenever approaching group stationary cycling events (not that this has come up often). The class was, of course, excellent. Moderate level of exertion, excessive level of sweat, a kind and knowledgeable instructor. I really love the people at Victory Bicycle Studio.

My run was only 4.15 miles because I’m so slow and tend to run out of time in the morning. I was really dragging at first and am generally struggling to have any sort of energy at all during morning workouts. I should probably be running with my training group, but they all just finished a half-marathon and I am NOT a runner, so it’s kind of embarrassing trying to keep up with them. I do have these babies on my side now:

Brooks Glycerin 9 running shoes, also referred to affectionately by me as “magical pillow hugs.” For reasons relating to pervasive perfectionism, which I will address another time, I’ve never fully committed to being an athlete before tri training. Sadly, that has included a refusal to buy proper gear. Until I got measured at a true running store (Breakaway, which is also fab), I would just buy cheap shoes that appeared legit and were not visually offensive to me. Big mistake. Did you know that it’s important to purchase running shoes a full size up from your normal street shoes? I did not, but now that I do it makes a huge difference. Lesson learned: three-year-old, discount Nike’s hurt your feet. Full price, properly fitted Brooks will magically pillow hug your feet.

Going into double workout days I am so stressed. The night before I have little stress dreams and sometimes wake up over and over again, fearing it will be too late to get in my workout before heading to the office. I really hope that goes away soon!

Finishing a double workout day is glorious, especially when I know the next day will be a rest day. Immediately following the training class I had some cocky little thoughts like, “that wasn’t so bad,” and “I totally killed that.” I picked up a Backyard Burger wild turkey sandwich and ate it in bed while watching the latest episode of Shameless. And then it hit me how much my legs felt like lead bricks. What a strange little roller coaster of dread, exhilaration, self-satisfaction, and exhaustion this training is turning out to be.


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